Autel ADAS


  • How do I know what patterns and calibration procedures to use?

    The Autel MaxiSys ADAS Calibration Application software provides graphic step-by-step instructions that are vehicle model specific to confirm the correct patterns are used during the correct calibration procedures. Your MaxiSys software confirms this information is correct, based on the vehicle information confirmed from the AutoSCAN feature, to confirm which active ADAS modules in any vehicle system may need a calibration procedure completed.


  • Does the MSADAS tablet provide other scan tool functions than ADAS calibration?

  • Do I need a new scan tool for ADAS calibration, if I already have an existing MS908 / MS908P / MS908S / MS908SP / MS908E?

  • Can I purchase just the ADAS application upgrade without the calibration frame to complete ADAS calibration procedures?

  • If I want to add individual targets or calibration tools later, are they available for purchase?

  • Depending on which vehicle systems I am concerned with, which ADAS calibration kit should I purchase?

  • Do I need someone to assemble and or set up the calibration frame?

  • Are training options necessary for working on ADAS calibrations?

  • What are insurance companies paying for calibrations?

  • Other than a clear 30 foot x 15 foot area, what are the other working shop bay requirements to complete ADAS calibrations?

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